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Sem Matic Sdn.Bhd - Specialize in Precision Parts, CAM and Tooling Design, Autolathe Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul.
Equipped with the latest edge technologies and equipments. SEM Matic offer you a high precision turning components. From 0.1 mm ~ 100 mm diameter with consistent quality. To meet all your needs.

Industries we served :

Watches, Cameras, Automotive, Electronics, Aeroapace, Medical Instruments, Sports, Consumer Products and etc.

SEM Matic offer you a complete range of capabilities from design and manufacturing of precision tools.

Inhouse expertise to CNC and CAM Autolathe Maintenance, repair and overhaul.

CAM Set – Inhouse design and manufacturing of high quality cams for all long-turning revolving and multispindle automatic lathe
turning parts, precision parts

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